CFAR Lecture Series

Two years ago, Operation Footprint began an online lecture series called Complex Foot and Ankle Reconstruction (CFAR) to share our extensive experience in complex pediatric and adult foot conditions with the medical community while providing continuing medical education. The concept was, and remains, to present topics in-depth and focus on the “Why behind the What” approach to treating an ailment. Each topic focuses on the clinical investigation required before procedure selection, intraoperative assessment, and surgical technique. Additionally, we grouped lectures, where appropriate, on a single condition (e.g., flatfoot) to explore its management more thoroughly. In the past two years, we have covered flatfoot, cavus foot, equinus, and ankle pathology in four main groups. An expert presents the topic and engages in cross-discussion, with our expert panel and a moderator taking audience questions discussing the intricacies of the topic. As structured, each monthly presentation runs approximately two hours (2 CME granted). Podiatrists attending the entire lecture series can acquire approximately 24 CMEs annually. Our faculty is regularly supplemented by experts from the podiatric and orthopedic communities to avoid “academic inbreeding.”


The content has been free of charge, relying only on attendees’ donations—revenues generated by the CFAR series support Operation Footprint’s humanitarian work. In February 2024, we will begin charging $10/CME, which translates into $20/lecture, with all proceeds going to Operation Footprint. None of Operation Footprint’s faculty or outside guest experts are compensated.