Our Mission

For over 40 years, 3,000 major surgical reconstructions and 30,000 patient visits, the Operation Footprint doctors have been carrying out this mission.

  • To provide free surgical care to indigent children with a variety of inherited (genetic) and acquired conditions of the foot and ankle, such as clubfoot, lingering polio deformities, severe flatfoot and cerebral palsy, etc.
  • To train local surgeons to be able to manage and treat these conditions.
  • Through these life-changing surgeries, to enable these patients to become productive members of the society, free from the stigma and limitations of their deformity
  • To inspire others who we have trained to continue our work and expand our vision.

What’s New

  • Two years ago, Operation Footprint began an online lecture series called Complex Foot and Ankle Reconstruction (CFAR) to share o

  • After a COVID-19-imposed hiatus that interrupted our annual brigades at the San Felipe Hospital in Tegucigalpa, where we’ve been

  • Following temporary inactivity in El Salvador brought about by the COVID-19 epidemic, Operation Footprint visited the Benjamin B

  • Operation Footprint conducted its most recent surgical brigade in Agra on September 26-30, 2023. Before the surgical session, we

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